Mycarematters was originally intended for individuals to create a profile of their needs and preferences in advance of a hospital stay. Designed to be looked at on screen or printed out as a single A4 sheet, it ensures that hospital staff are aware of their needs and preferences. This is particularly important for people living with some form of cognitive impairment, such as dementia, so everyone interacting with them knows about the things that matter to them, even if they are unable to express those things for themselves.

However, this information is just as important for care home staff, either getting to know a new resident or to introduce residents to new, agency or bank staff. And it's an opportunity for visiting professionals to see at-a-glance a little about the resident and develop trust with them.

It is quick and easy to create a profile for each resident, and specific staff can be authorised to create and amend profiles as appropriate. If the person needs to undergo a stay in hospital a printout can go with them and the hospital can also access it online with their name, date of birth and unique Mycarematters ID.
In addition to recording a person's needs and preferences there is space to upload Advance Care Plans, key contacts and more.

To ensure a person's Mycarematters profile is visible to everyone interacting with them we offer a number of Display Options. Use of these is entirely optional but currently includes the first year's subscription to Mycarematters.

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